Pursuant to Art. 55 of the Consumer Code, the Purchaser will not be entitled to the right to withdraw in all the following cases:

- in the supply of tailor-made and customized goods;

- in the supply of goods that by their nature cannot be returned without the risk of accelerated deterioration or perishability.

The right to withdraw is not applicable to natural persons or legal entities acting for commercial purposes or for purposes related, directly or indirectly, to their business activities.

In order to exercise the right to withdraw, the Purchaser will be requested to inform the Supplier within 14 days after receiving the order. This communication must be sent via e-mail at customer@xerjoffuniverse.com by using the form called “WITHDRAWAL FORM” downloadable from the website at this link: RETURN FORM

If applicable, the right to withdraw is allowed under the following conditions:

- the right to withdraw can only be exercised in reference to the order as a whole, as opposed to only a part of the purchased goods;

- the purchased product must be returned intact and in the original package, complete in all its parts, including the packaging and the accompanying documentation;

- the Supplier will not be held responsible for any damage, theft or loss of goods not returned with registered postage;

- on being returned to the Supplier’s warehouse, the returned product will be carefully examined to verify any damage or tampering not attributable to the delivery;

- the Supplier will refund the Purchaser for the full amount within 14 days, minus the costs that may have been incurred for the restoration of the product in the process of the ascertainment of damages.

The right to withdraw will not apply if the product is not returned intact (both in the packaging and its contents), in other words, if the Supplier certifies:

- the absence of external or internal packaging;

- the absence of integral parts of the goods;

- the absence of the label attached to the product;

- any damage done to the product.

If the right to withdraw is not applicable, the Supplier will return to the Purchaser the purchased product, charged with the postage costs, without refunding the product’s value.

The goods must be returned to the Supplier intact and in their original packaging. Unauthorized returns, or goods returned in makeshift packaging, will not be accepted under any circumstances. Moreover, no return of perishable products will be authorized and accepted.

The procedure for the replacement of a product, or one of its parts, will be activated only if any of the following conditions take place (except in case of lack of conformity covered by Art. 128 and ff of the Consumer Code):

- if a product different to the one chosen by the Purchaser has been incorrectly delivered by the Supplier. In case of such oversight, the Purchaser is required not to open the package and to report the oversight to Xerjoff Group S.p.a via the webpage “Contacts” or via email to the address: customer@xerjoffuniverse.com.

In case the Purchaser wants to exercise the right to withdraw or request the replacement of a product, he or she must contact the Customer care service: customer@xerjoffuniverse.com, before returning it.

In this case it will also be necessary for the Purchaser to prepare the following documents and notify the following data:

- original invoice (including order number, invoice number, customer code);

- in case of partial withdrawal, the product code together with the invoice;

- instructions whether the Purchaser prefers to claim a full refund or a replacement of the product.

In case of withdrawal:

- the product must be returned to the courier in its original packaging;

- the product must not be used;

- the product must still have its label attached;

- if more than one product is returned, they must be sent back in a single package.

If all these conditions are observed, the Purchaser is requested to inform the Supplier within 14 days whether he or she is claiming for a replacement of the product or a full refund, to be paid by means of the same method of payment employed for the purchase.

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